Rekindled from the embers of the past, sparked with imagination and stoked with an obsession for Scotland’s natural wild larder, each bottle of Aelder is testament to nature’s brilliance.

A truly unique, sophisticated and contemporary elixir, Aelder excels in elevating many of Scotland’s forgotten ingredients back into the contemporary consciousness.

 Aelder Elixir is a multi-award winning, elderberry liqueur that is distinctive and versatile. Handcrafted in small batches, elderberries are infused with wild Scottish herbs and botanicals, before blending with a young whisky and a touch of spice.

Rich, dark with a beautiful warming finish, Aelder is complex enough to be enjoyed neat and full-bodied enough to enhance any cocktail with its sublime flavour and stunning colour.

Aelder Elixir is a celebration of nature to be enjoyed however you please. Chilled in summer, warmed in winter. Shaken, stirred or drizzled over desserts, its unique character will always shine through. Try one of our suggested serves, or experiment to find your own perfect pour – savour it and let your imagination go wild!

In an age when terms like “wild” and “foraged” are being overused by chefs and producers who barely step outside, Rupert and Tom at The Buck and Birch are a breath of fresh air. They are the real, wild deal - making time in busy lives to get genuinely intimate with the plants, fungi, game and seaweeds that make up Scotland’s true natural larder, and using that as a springboard for creativity. You can taste their dedication, commitment and knowledge in everything they make.

- Mark Williams (leading Scottish foraging educator