wild at heart


Aelder Elixir is a multi-award winning, elderberry liqueur that is distinctive and versatile.

Handcrafted in small batches, elderberries are infused with wild Scottish herbs and botanicals, before blending with a young whisky and a touch of spice.



Dark, rich fruit, complex aromatics and a smooth, warming finish. Hints of molasses, bitter chocolate and burnt orange rind with a luxuriously silky mouth feel.


the botanicals



Sambucus nigra
Harvest: Autumn

Known as the ‘Queen of Herbs’, it has been used as a food and medicine, maker of magic and music for millennia and there is evidence that our prehistoric ancestors cultivated it.

Home of the Elder Mother, a protective spirit of the forest, its place in folklore is of healer and protector and as such it is a tree that has been revered and even worshipped for as long as we can remember.

Packed with more antioxidants and flavonoids than just about anything else, its berries have proven effective against inflammation and viral infection and are known to be an amazing boost for the immune system in general. So powerful are its healing credentials that the founding father of modern medicine,

Hippocrates, declared it ‘natures medicine chest’. It is easy to grow, easy to harvest and is above all, utterly delicious, and that is why we pack thousands into every bottle.


FACT: The Latin name comes from sambuca, a wind instrument made from its hollow stems. These stems were also used to make fire ( or Aeld in old Nordic parlance) which led to the tree being called Elder and inspired the name of our elixir.


Sweet woodruff

Galium odoratum
Harvest: Spring Autumn

This member of the sticky willow family is what the Aelder team refer to as ‘Scottish vanilla’. This is due to the balanced and rounded vanilla-like flavour and aroma it brings to Aelder. Sweet woodruff has no scent at all when fresh, but pick it and an hour or two later a remarkable smell, somewhere between vanilla and freshly cut grass emerges. A single piece can retain this smell for years.


FACT: Sweet woodruff was historically layered between folded clothes and between bed sheets to impart its unique scent.


Hogweed seed

Heracleum sphondylium
Harvest: Summer

Hogweed seeds are a firm favourite with us and are up there with some of the tastiest things we’ve ever tried. Hogweed isn’t the most pleasant of names, but if its good we will use it, and boy is it good.

Not to be mistaken for its giant cousin please, hogweed seeds are what give Aelder a healthy injection of spiced orange and burnt chocolate.


FACT: Dried hogweed seeds make a show stopping cocktail garnish, play your cards right and the Aelder team can help you source some.



Filipendula ulmaria
Harvest: Summer

Often seen in great drifts along river banks, meadowsweet looks and smells as superb as its name suggests. When drinking Aelder, the discerning palate can often taste marzipan – we believe this is the marvellous meadowsweet at work.

Its historic uses vary, from sweetening the air of the Royal Households in Tudor times, to being the original hangover cure – the natural version of aspirin


FACT: Meadowsweet takes its name from the Anglo-Saxon name ‘mede-sweete’ as they used it to flavour their mead.




Our whisky has been carefully selected to perfectly compliment the unique flavour of the elderberries.

The gentle character of the young spirit gives added levels of flavour without overpowering – and with subtle hints of peat and smoke, it is the whisky that gives Aelderbits smooth, warming finish.